We’ve compiled our frequently asked questions on this page. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Q.What is a “Fab Lab” and what is “Dynamic Lab” about?

A.A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a workshop equipped with an array of high-tech machines so that anyone can create what they want to make.

Dynamic Lab is a fab lab located in Kagoshima, Japan, run by Sonohen Life. We utilize the grounds of an abandoned school and surrounding nature to offer a variety of workshops. We teach anything from the typical fabrication process, to primitive skills, graywater waste management, DIY mobile homes, and more.
You can learn more about us on the About section.

Q.Can anyone use the facility?

A.Yes, anyone can use the facility. If you are a minor under 20, you must have a parent or guardian present with you, and they will be held responsible for your safety. (Please be aware that some of our machines can be dangerous.)

Q.What is a Day Pass?

A.A day pass gives you access to almost all of Dynamic Lab’s equipments and machines for one day, during our business hours of 10:00-17:00.

Let’s say you have a big project that may take a few days. In that case we recommend you get a few day passes so you can work through the necessary days.

※ We have a discount if you would like to use the facility consecutively for more than 30 days. Please consult with us.
※ Some machines require training before use. Please consult with us so that we can ensure your safety.

Q.I don’t know what to make.

A.We host a variety of workshops, but we can also teach you skills based on your needs. Feel free to ask us.

Q.Can I learn skills using a Day Pass?

A.Sorry, the day passes are for people to create utilizing the skills and machines they are already familiar with. The day pass does not include us teaching certain skills. If you require skill training first, please inquire with us and we would be happy to schedule a specialist who can teach you at an additional charge.

※ Our staff may step in as support if we feel that a customers handling of a machine exposes a risk of danger.

Q.From what age can I use the facility?

A.As of November 2017, we recommend that you are at least in elementary school. If you are under age 20, please come with a parent.

Q.Are there programs for groups?

A.Yes. Depending on the age, kind of group, and time duration we can accommodate different levels from beginners to advanced. We also welcome training for businesses. Please inquire for details.

Q.What kind of machines do you have?

A.Please check the following links.
Digital Fabrication
Fabric and Textile
Metal Work

Q.Can I stay there?

A.As of 2018 April, we have a dormitory and a room for volunteers. We have futons and blankets available for sleeping but we do not have showers. It is possible to cook using our fire stoves on site. To ensure that we can accommodate, please contact us in advance if you wish to stay.

※ Fukiage Hot Spring is a 20 min drive away for those who like to bathe.

Q.Can we rent the class rooms or yard?

A.As of November 2017, we have clients hosting drone schools in our yard and we rent our class rooms as well. Please let us know the duration and purpose so we can best accommodate.

Q.I want to create something that contains a copyright image.

A.We decline our services if the creation is for beyond personal use or commercial use.

Any known activity that involves copyright infringement will be refused service. In no event will Dynamic Lab be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential, or special damages of any kind, in a case that copyrighted images are reproduced in our facility unbeknownst to us.

Q.I heard you could 3D print guns?

A.The person who printed it went to jail. Guns are illegal in Japan, and of course we do not permit printing any illegal objects at Dynamic Lab.

If we find that any of our customer’s activities infringe on the Japanese law, or is offensive to the public, we hold the right to terminate our services.